Naomi coaches from a mystical assurance of who human beings really are when they are free–she stands in that conviction in every conversation. The results are that you experience your past hurts and trauma move out of your future so that you can (perhaps for the first time) see a clearing in front of you to move into with power and peace. I am grateful beyond measure…Naomi Ruth continues to be a source of guidance and truth in my life.

Sarita Covington | Performer, Community Organizer and Theater Producer, NYC

I’m a writer who came to Naomi for career advice. She told me, without even hearing me speak more than a few sentences, that I was happiest telling improvised stories with my voice, that I would find more satisfaction and success telling stories on the radio. Because of her rather unique counsel, that I had never received from any therapist, mentor, or friend…I was featured on This American Life, the biggest thing to yet happen in my career, and my momentum is unstoppable now.

Michael Leviton | Writer, Musician and Photographer, NYC

Naomi Ruth Boone crisis coached me through the overwhelm of my last undergrad semester. That semester I raised my GPA to 3.8, created a new friendship with my ex, received major awards for my honors thesis and my art blog, and celebrated my accomplishments with a newly created community of loving support. Her coaching had me carry my degree confidently into an already successful career as an artist and curator a year later, and I now have the power to do that while having a ton of fun.

Mariah Kitner | Painter, Curator and Blogger, NYC and Israel