Naomi Ruth Boone

An Initiation

You must be willing to discover and define your most empowered unique and authentic self as a product of my coaching. You will experience quantum leaps in your life from the moment you say yes to this journey. In the consultation we work from one of three distinct access points.


The Access Points


Most people want the things in life that they are told they should want. You perform your work at a high level, but you know you want to participate in something meaningful.

You don't have to give up your hard-won advancements and become a guru just to feel fulfilled in your work. Wanna be a game-changer in the real world?

You're in the perfect place to shift from career to Calling. 



Each and every one of us was born with a compass inside us that guides us to our true north. This is called your twin flame.

Maybe you've met this person already? The one who confounds all your expectations in ways that reveal your most liberated self and your deepest longings? Or maybe you just know that they're out there somewhere.

Whatever it is, it's bigger than a's a Reunion. 



Success in our current economy is all about collaboration. Yet how do you keep your integrity as a visionary and still work with the flawed systems at hand? 

Maybe you tried hard to communicate across borders and exhausted all your resources. Still not elevating peers in your field?

Assert the wisdom of your leadership, and have everybody win. Stop collaborating. Manifest the Collective.