Naomi Ruth Boone

“I believe going out dancing is just as spiritual as doing a silent meditation retreat.”



I’m Naomi Ruth Boone.

I have many names; Upgrade, Reluctant Psychic, Most Spiritual Black Rock City (to name a few) and for many of my clients they like to call me their Fairy Godmother (The Whitney Houston and Brandy version).

(Paragraph: - Explain Fairy Godmother)

Since I was a little girl, I’ve been trying to love as many people as I can, the best that I can. The way I perceive it is that I have always loved people enough to tell them the truth to myself and others about any way in which I’m not being my biggest most badass self. By demonstrating that kind of carefree transparency, I show you that you too can learn how to easily step out of your own way and invite others to do the same. Having your deepest wishes come true.




my practice.

Ruthless Love

Ruthless Love (coined by me) is the powerful practice of incorporating awakeness to and gratitude for the fullness of existence. Unlike other existential practices, my practice is rooted in the body and in heart-centered desire as the fuel of life. You must be willing to discover and define your most empowered unique and authentic self as a product of my coaching. You will experience quantum leaps in your life from the moment you say yes to this journey. Allowing all your wishes to come true.


Your Initiation.

  • Create an Invitation to connect (1 Paragraph)

  • Be flat about your approach (1 Paragraph)

  • Disclaim your process (1 Paragraph)

  • Clear Communication - Masters in Education translates to connecting to themselves (1 Paragraph)

You see, I am a Connection Catalyst. I help you get unstuck wherever you have given up on your growth and expansion, so you can re-establish the world as a safe and empowering place to manifest your greatest happiness.

If you feel called to work with me, it's because you're one of the few brave and bold people on the planet who are here to join me in showing others how to play and win the Game of Unconditional Love. Once I teach you, you can teach others. And that's the point actually. In the world we believe in, everybody wins.

What's the catch? Well a coach is not always the most liked person in your life. Until you build muscle in the game, you're going to hate me a little bit. I'm going to tell you things you don't want to hear, like "drop and give me 20." Except more like: "Call your ex-girlfriend and tell her you forgive her." Hee.

But wow, we're gonna have a lot of fun together. And the best part is you don't have to wait for experience to gain mastery. You can grow now.



3-6 Months

I don't believe people need constant coaching. As a Catalyst I speed up your transformation. Once you are connected and empowered in your essential nature, you're the boss of yourself! Go forth and shake up the planet. 

Multiple Approaches

With my extensive training and experience as a linguist, astrologer, and consultant, I have tons of angles from which to examine your blocks and create openings. I know how to explain the reality and rules of the soul to anyone. You don't have to be a particularly spiritual person; I will help you discover who you are and what you're here for. 

The Gift

I'm not trying to get you any one particular result. Many of the goals you have will shift while you're working with me, as your true desires reveal themselves to you. Your environment immediately becomes more favorable as you are in alignment with your path. What you care about is what's important.


So, are you ready to grow?