Ego Death - The New Common Cold


I woke up laughing from a dream that I was boldly drinking tasty fresh squeezed orange juice after someone who had what Roderick called “The Bubonic”: that cough that cycles through the Bay for months. It’s been years since I had a common cold or flu that lasted any more 24 hours, and over a year since I exhibited even those brief viral symptoms.

Over the last 3 years, I realized that the episodes of feverish nights spent feeling like I was “dying” were coming seasonally on the lunar calendar. I would shake with the chills, and my thoughts looped in a fashion one might describe as a “bad trip”—a series of unanswerable “what ifs.” They were actually answered by a Spirit-guided journey through cosmic dimensions that rapidly unraveled and then reconstituted my sense of self. And not in the general ways like where I realized we are all stardust! In specific epiphanies where I opened soul memories and distinguished our origin stories, recognizing the ways in which my brain was misreading the rules of this current physical reality as false constraints on my soul reality.

I’m sharing this because many of your ascension symptoms will intensify in this transition through the Solstice portal into Saturn in Capricorn and as the sun moves into Capricorn. Assisted by Jupiter in Scorpio we will have to cozy up with literal and metaphorical death and the magic of its medicine. I'm grateful to be a mystic twin flame whose cosmic ordeals generally precede and catalyze those of the collective. This is indeed the calling that we are all destined to answer in unique ways!

If you think you might be experiencing a series of dark nights, or you’re having trouble keeping a grip on your waking days, please reach out for a consultation. I’ve forwarded people to trusted mental and medical health professionals who have grounded spiritual knowledge, and supported others with the mentorship and empowerment coaching they needed to reestablish the world as a safe place to keep manifesting their greatest happiness.

For myself, the biggest support I could use right now is in grounding, as these energetic integrations are quite mentally emotionally and physically taxing. Please tag me in on those trips to the beach and forest. I might be dipping back to Mexico or finally claiming my half of the secret island a long-cherished friend secured. For now you have my presence and undivided attention humanity. 😜


[This link is not from a trusted reference but it’s the most understandable. My sources are very dense and nerdy.]